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Taiwan's Famous Pineapple Cakes

So many guests have asked about this we decided to do a small page about it and also share some info on where to find shops that are famous for these types of cakes/cookies.

So what is it?
Pineapple Cakes, or fengli su, are probably more cookie than cake. It's got a shortbread-like texture on the outside, and is filled with jam on the inside. Traditionally, the pineapple jam is nice and thick - made with winter melon. These cakes are usually pressed into square forms and wrapped in lovely paper. Really, it's the country's own "Tourist Cake".

Our Favorite Shop is in Taichung:

TaichungGang Rd ( Taichung Harbor Rd), Section 2 , NUmber 122-15
Tel: 04-24528567 ( just ask taxi to call for address in chinese)
cell: 0916114228

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To get there easy - just print this business card (or show on your smart phone ) to Taxi :










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Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 - from outside Taiwan)

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