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No Credit Card Needed, Long term rentals,Cash accepted, credit cards accepted through Paypal,
Paypal Accepted

Monthly/weekly/daily car rental in Taiwan at very affordable prices!
Unlimited mileage!
Toll fees included in rental!! NO Mileage limit!
We also rent out tents and camping gear!
We deliver to your door most places in Taiwan for an additional fee or save BIG if you pick up in Taichung. It is very easy and cheap to get to Taichung by bus, train or high speed train (HSR).
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Cars, Vans, Campers, Bicycles
,Tents & Camping Gear


Description of Vehicle:
(Please note our minimum rental period is 4 days)
All our cars have automatic transmission except the 1st car - Toyota Zace Surf

Per Day

if pick up and return in Taichung Harbor area( Shalu & Wuci)
-Please scroll down for delivery fees around Taiwan-


Price per

Long Term rental
per month
(min 3 months rental)

Toyota Zace Surf 1.8 Estate. Manual transmission. Radio with transmitter . USB ports for smartphones. Back seat can fold down so great for families -lots of luggage space-bicycles, surfboards and camping etc ( you can rent a tent and camping gear from us too). Deposit NT 10000

NT$ 1 300

NT$ 8 500

NT$ 26 000


Honda Accord . Great for family touring of Taiwan. 2200CC sedan, 4 cyl, Automatic, with:A/C . radio/CD , electric windows, power steering, leather seats etc.A great car for touring Taiwan .USB ports for smartphones. Deposit NT 10000

NT$ 1 100

NT$ 7000

NT$ 20 000


Toyota Premio. An old favorite for reliability and fuel economy. 1600CC sedan, 4 cyl, Automatic, with:A/C . radio, electric windows, power steering .USB ports for smartphones.A great car for family touring Taiwan . Very Clean car!Deposit
NT 10000

NT$ 1 300

NT$ 7 400

NT$ 26 000


Toyota Corolla. An old favorite for reliability and fuel economy. 1800CC sedan, 4 cyl, Automatic, with:A/C . new radio/USB , electric windows, USB ports for smartphones.power steering + cruise control!A great car for touring Taiwan . Deposit NT 10000

NT$ 1 000

NT$ 6900

NT$ 20 000


Mitsubishi Colt Plus , 1600cc hatchback. Double air bags, ABS, A/C, MP 3 CD Player ,a great spacious vehicle for touring and light on fuel - small carbon footprint.USB ports for smartphones. Clean and low mileage.Deposit NT15 000
NT$1 400
NT$8 500
NT$ 27 000
NT$20 800
MITSUBISHI Space Gear (VAN) 2400cc, 7 seater, Automatic, big air con, radio (USB,MP 3 etc.), electric windows USB ports for smartphones.etc. Deposit NT 15 000
NT$2 000
NT$13 500
NT$ 40 000
NT$25 900

MITSUBISHI Space Gear (VAN) 2400cc, Camper van ( basically a van with mattress), Automatic, big air con, radio (USB,MP 3 etc.), electric windows.USB ports for smartphones. Great for touring Taiwan. Includes little stove, pot & pan, cutlery,plates etc. cooler, mattress & Bedding.Deposit NT 15 000. This is the only camper-like van to rent in Taiwan as far as we know.
NT$2 000
NT$13 500
NT$ 40 000
NT$25 900
We also rent out bikes, please let us know what kind of bike you rneed and we'll try to help you
NT$250-500 per day
Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person Modified Dome Tent:
¡EFits two queen-sized airbeds
¡EGround vent improves air circulation
¡EMaximum ventilation rainfly separates to expose back window
¡EWeatherTec System keeps you dry

¡ERed dome camping tent measures 14' x 8'

Deposit: NT 2000
NT 150 per day. WE CAN ALSO SUPPLY GAS STOVES, POTS PANS MATTRESSES and other camping/outdoor g gear ETC. at an extra fee

4 Person Tent:
Fits 1 queen-sized airbed
¡EGround vent improves air circulation
¡EMaximum ventilation rainfly separates to expose back window
¡EWeatherTec System keeps you dry

NT100 per day. WE CAN ALSO SUPPLY GAS STOVES, POTS PANS MATTRESSES and other camping/outdoor g gear ETC. at an extra fee
Please book vehicles below at least 3 months in advance
Per Day


Price per

Long Term rental
per month
(min 3 months rental)

Toyota RAV Crossover SUV , 4x4. 2000 cc. USB ports for smartphones.Deposit NT 35 000

NT$ 2,500

NT$ 15,500



LEXUS SUV. All the usual luxuries that the Lexus brand offers. USB ports for smartphones.Deposit NT 40 000

NT$ 3,900

NT$ 22,000



Porche 911 Carrera. Flat 6, 3500cc. A monster! Deposit: NT 80 000

NT$ 8,900

NT$ 37,000



Drop Off & Pick Up Rates to most polular locations in Taiwan:

Note! These rates apply from10:00 AM to 16:00 PM. Please add NT 900 for other times.
Please note that it is very cheap and easy to get to Taichung ask us how to get here and save on your delivery charges.
TIP!! Do not drive in Taipei , rather take the MRT to airport -short ride on MRT( NT 60 only) - and drive from there to the East Coast and other parts of Taiwan much easier for you and faster.

Drop Off Charge
Pick up Charge
Drop Off & Pick up in same location
Taichung City ( City,HSR, Train etc)
NT 300
NT 300
NT 500
Taoyuan Airport/HSR
NT 1500
NT 1500
NT 3000
Taipei City ( save money and just pick up in Taichung rather, bus ticket from Taipei only NT 280...)
Save and pick up at Taoyuan airport or Taichung
Save and pick up at Taoyuan airport or Taichung
Save and pick up at Taoyuan airport or Taichung
Hsinchu/Chiayi/Tainan (HSR ONLY)
NT 1500
NT 1500
NT 2900
Kaohsiung (A/port or HSR)
NT 2200
NT 2200
NT 4000

- Toll fees: Included in Rental -

Special Rates for Long Term car Rental rates! We drop off and pick up anywhere in Taiwan.
Maps and overview of Taiwan Geography and Climate

Reservation form for Cars

(Child seat available free of charge)

For more detailed info about the contract , please look at our:
"Rental Agreement" ..............

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Feel free to negotiate long term rentals with us.


Rental Terms & Remarks:

  1. There are no extra charges over holidays! Our prices are always the same.We can deliver vehicles anywhere in Taiwan at an additional charge. We are based in Taichung.
  2. The above prices include tax , car registration fees, regular periodical car maintenance services and third party liability insurance.
  3. Term of rental : at least 4 days; if you want the car for only 1 or 2 the 3-day rate applies.Should you want to rent for 10 days for instance the weekly rate + pro rata per day extra will apply.
  4. A compulsory additional car collision, damage and theft insurance is included in the rates. The insurance includes:
    • (a) Car damage Insurance with a maximum deductible or liability of the renter is NT$50,000
    • (b) Car Theft Insurance: the renter is responsible and liable to pay 30% of the car current market value.
  5. Please bring passport or alien residence certificate (ARC) or Taiwan I.D. and International Driver's Permit (IDP) or Taiwan driver's license.
  6. The refundable deposit is NT 10 000 - NT$15 000 for the cars.
  7. After reserving a car it is important to make payment of the deposit within 3 days to confirm the booking.
  8. We deliver to your door anywhere in Taiwan for an additional fee.
  9. We accept bank transfers, cash , Paypal and credit card payments through Paypal as payment options. How to Pay Us ? Click Here Please .. Note if you want to pay the balance in cash when we deliver please make sure you prepare the cash beforehand.
  10. Minimum age for rental is 22 years
  11. Please note: Overtime charge : We do not mind if you return the vehicle 1 hour over the time, just let us know. Our overtime charge will only take effect after 1hour late return.
    One rental day is counted as 24 hours. One-hour overtime charge is measured by 10% of daily rent. If you let us know in advance that you will return a bit later we will gladly waive this fee. Returning over 8 hours late will be charged at one-day rent amount.
  12. Gasoline/fuel : the fuel tank reading will be recorded at time of rental. Return car with the same reading or settle for the difference.
  13. Please read our agreement/contract here: http://www.greenislandadventures.com/carrentalagreement.htm
  14. FAQ's
  15. Delivery and pick up rates apply between hours of 10 AM and 4 PM . For delivery and pick up outside this time please add NT 900 per pick up or drop off.
  16. Please try to get your SIM card for smartphone at the airport when you arrive, it is much easier and you will immediately be able to navigate on Google Maps. Remember to ask your provider in home country to unlock your phone so the new SIM card can be installed.We require our customers to have a local cell phone number. It is very cheap - about US$10 for a week with unlimited data and a few minutes call time.
  17. Not all forreign bank cards are accepted at the ATM's at the aiport so brin some foreign major currency i.e. US$ or Euro with you to exchange and pay us and also have some funds then to start your vacation. Cash is preferred everywhere in Taiwan.


The longer you rent, the cheaper the price. Small delivery charge in Taichung Area(Incl: Airport,Taichung bus stations, High Speed Rail (HSR) Station and normal train station).Vehicle delivery to other cities,airports, bus & train stations will be calculated. Car hire in Taiwan just got a lot easier. Toll fees are very cheap in Taiwan so we included it in the rental price for you.

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Should our own cars be rented out you can also rent here from our affiliated car rental group

Download our Free App - Maps , info and more:

For more detailed info, please look at our: "Rental Agreement".

Reservation form for Cars & Scooters
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Simply fill out our reservation form and we will contact you

Birding in Taiwan
High Speed Railway ( Bullet Train) Info
HSR Free Shuttle Bus Taichung


Ask about buying a used car from us - We rent, sell and buy cars in Taiwan.

Should our own cars be rented out you can also rent here from our affiliated car rental group

Scroll down for testimonials/reviews about our services
Maps and overview of Taiwan Geography and Climate

We rent/hire out and sell cars, scooters, bikes/bicycles at very affordable prices in Taiwan. Our cars are not all new , but are well maintained and have air conditioning.We deliver to your door anywhere in Taiwan for an addtional fee. Car Rental prices start from as low as NT$300 ( US$9-00) per day for long term rentals.
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We can also book your affordable accomodations and give you directions and other road assistance , information and more. Google Lattitude is a great way to get around and it is free as an App on your smart phone or tablet .
We rent and sell tents and camping gear
too , so you can do a self drive camping tour of Taiwan too.
Click here for map of camping sites in Taiwan.

Maps and overview of Taiwan Geography and Climate

Reservation form for Cars & Scooters

Basic rules of the roads and driving requirements.


Traffic drives on the right and passes on the left side of the road. Roads in Taiwan's major cities are generally congested and scooters and motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic make driving conditions hazardous.


Exercise caution when driving on mountain roads which are typically narrow, winding, without side walks and often impassable after heavy rains.
Nevertheless, the numbered highway system is very good in Taiwan. Most traffic signs are in international symbols, although many signs show names of places and streets in Chinese only.
Highways in Taiwan are classified into four types:
1. National highways: 1 - 10
2. Provincial highways: 1 - 28, 61 - 88
3. County routes: 101 - 205
4. Township routes
As a general rule, odd numbers represent north-south highways and even numbers represent east-west and numbers increase moving west to east and north to south. Major north-south provincial highways are indicated by a one-digit number and its cross streets carry the same number letters in alphabetical order.


Unless otherwise indicated, speed limits are:
- 15 km/h when approaching a railroad crossing
- 40 km/h on roads without lanes or slow lanes separated by single solid white lines
- 50 km/h on other roads and lanes
-Freeways - 100 km/h - limited segments - 90, 80, or 70 km/h
-National Highway No. 3 - 110 km/h, the highest speed limit in Taiwan.
-Truck with a gross weight of 20 tons or more - 90 km/h
-Approaches to toll stations and work areas - 60 km/h.

Parking receipts are put on vehicles by parking officers - these are NOT fines! They are just parking fee receipts and can be paid at any 7/11. Please pay them asap.


Toll fees are collected automatically and we get the bill within 4-7 days . To give you an idea of costs - one time around Taiwan will cost about NT 600. We will deduct the toll bills from your deposit before we re-fund you .


1-International Driver License (IDL)
2-Taiwan Driver License
3-A national driver license may be used only with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) if your country has a reciprocal agreement with Taiwan.
Foreigners holding a valid national license issued by reciprocating countries may drive for thirty days. The maximum period of validity for International Driver License (IDL)is one year. The expiry date of the driving permit depends on the expiry date of the original international driver¡¦s license and ARC, whichever expires first.

USA Citizens please look at this page: http://acs.ait.org.tw/driving.html


Valid International Driver License (IDL) and passport or Alien Residence Certificate (A.R.C) card are required.


Third party liability insurance is mandatory.


Drivers and passengers in the front AND rear of the vehicle must fasten seatbelts.


You may ride a 50cc scooter If you hold a Taiwanese automobile driver's license or an International Driving Permit. A motorcycle license is necessary for larger equipment up to 150cc. A crash helmet is mandatory when riding a motorbike.


24 hour service in Chinese , English and Japanese: 0800-024-111
Fire 119
Police 110

Simply fill out our reservation form and we will contact you

Here is a testimonial from some of our car rental customers & the link on Tripadvisor:

¡§Car Rental & Purchase Made Easy¡¨

1016 November 9th

I came to Taiwan for one month in April 2016 and rented a car from Eddie at the best price that you can find anywhere in Taiwan. It is not new but perfectly functional and comfortable. I traveled all around Taiwan for about 20 days then the A/C had an issue. Eddie upgraded the car for the remainder of the month no questions asked. When I moved to Taiwan for graduate school in September I bought the car that I used before from Eddie and he delivered it right to my door. He allowed me to use the car for over a month (still in his name) until I got my local ID and he handled all the transfer paperwork. Eddie is a great businessman and will bend over backwards to provide excellent customer service. Keep it up Eddie; I appreciate everything you have done for me.

taiwan car rental with driver price

We (my wife, our daughter 18 months, and I) rented a car from Green Island Adventures to go everywhere in Taiwan. We agreed via email on the rate and where to meet. Eddie came to Tainang, handed the car over to us and we were on the road. We agreed on meeting again 11 days later at the airport. Very easy and relaxing. We drove Sun Moon Lake, Taipei, Taroko Gorge, and Wuling, at 3,275 metres above sea level (it is the highest automobile pass in Taiwan).

Eddie wants you to feel well - and he reallly succeded - we felt very well and enjoyed traveling in Eddies "Green Island Adventures" rental car.

Cheers, Andreas & Beate & Janne, Austria.

PS: Eddie asked for a cash deposit (to pay speeding tickets). At the airport he refunded 50%n in cash and the other 50% per banktransfere. Luckily he did not receive any speeding or parking ticket. Thus, we got back the full amount. Thanks to Eddie and I am happy telling you, that you can trust Eddie!



Dear Eddie,

Refund received. Thank you very much. We enjoyed doing business with you very much and will be happy to recommend you to our friends and family.

All the best,

Igor & Eva

We rented a campervan from Eddie for Chinese New Year for 4 days. The whole process was simple with no nonsense. We sent Eddie a paypal deposit and gave him our flight itinerary at he arrived on time to meet us at Taichung Airport - in fact he found us in the line to buy a sim card as soon as we got off the plane. The van was right downstairs in the parking garage. We signed some papers, he explained how everything worked, we paid the rental fee and we were off. We drove around Taiwan for 4 days and had such a blast. The vehicle is a van that has been converted into a campervan but it has everything you need. The bed is a mattress on the floor - so you lose a bit of space with the wheels but it's large enough for 2 lovers to share. We loved sleeping in it, and we also used it for picnics. It comes with a folding table, 2 chairs and some cooking equipment, including pots and pans. The stove takes a really long time to boil water but you can enjoy the beautiful Taiwan scenery while you're waiting. When we went back to the airport to catch our flight, Eddie was there waiting for us and took the van back in the airport parking lot - very convenient. A couple of days later our full paypal deposit was refunded.

Visited February 2016


Reservation form for Cars & Scooters

Reservation form for Cars & Scooters

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Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 - from outside Taiwan)

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