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Travel Taiwan! True to it's Portuguese name - "Ilha de Formosa", which translates into "beautiful island", Taiwan offers tourists not only affordable travel with great weather all year round, but also cross cultural experiences and excellent Asian cuisine.

Traveling in Taiwan soon leaves the visitor astounded with the amount of cultural -and natural diversity packed into such a limited geographical space. Driving from North to South (Keelung to Hengchun Peninsula), its northern and southernmost tip, is possible within a day. You'd drive past emerald-peaked mountains, long stretches of coast, slumbering hamlets, bustling 24 hour cities, rice fields and harbors, but this would not do justice to what Taiwan offers. Rather pre-select certain destinations and local travelagents will try and tailor-fit a package that is suitable to your expectations and budget.
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Getting Around in Taiwan

In Taiwan:

Traveling inside Taiwan can be a nightmare at times for obvious reasons. The language barrier and also the congested public transport system over holiday and weekend periods.

Typically our guests arrive in Taitung on the south eastern coast of Taiwan where we then pre-arrange their pick-up at the train station, airport or bus stops/stations. Affordable private room accommodation for guests that arrive too late for the ferry can be arranged. Usually about NT 1000 per room that sleeps 3 with own bathroom and a/c.

Please let us know if we can assist in directing you to a local agent for flights and bus/train tickets. Theycan get your tickets to you in less than 48 hours anywhere in Taiwan!

From Abroad:

Guests from abroad should note that they can be assisted with all transport arrangements in Taiwan and need to clearly specify their times of arrival and departure at the international airports in Taiwan. This will ensure that we work out the best logistical travel solutions locally.

Train Schedule, Ticket Prices and On-line Ticket Reservations (Click below and then on "English" left bottom):
Train bookings

Taiwan Surf Tours:

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If you have any questions or need to know more information about our Taiwan scuba diving vacations and packages, Green Island itself, accommodation, or anything else you need to plan your trip, don't hesitate to contact us.





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Green Island Diving offers diving packages to make your vacations on Taiwan's beautiful Green Island in East Asia a memorable one not only for the exciting diving opportunities but also the wonderful island life.


Come visit Green Island, Taiwan - a little known Asia scuba diving vacation
gem and enjoy our diving packages

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