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About Green Island - A Scuba Diving Paradise in Asia

Just off the South East Coast of Taiwan...

...Green Island, once known as "Fire Island", is a small island located 33 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Eastern Taiwan. Having a population of less than 2000 on an area of 16,2 square kilometers, the island was formed by volcanic action which left a curved and complex coastline. Coastal beach terraces and cliffs drop to colorful coral reefs where schools of tropical fish make their abode. Along the shoreline, white coral beaches can be found and numerous coves which lead into warm tropical waters.

Click here for a map of Green island

An Undiscovered Diving Gem

A nature-lover’s paradise, this sparsely-populated island can be circumnavigated in 30 minutes by scooter. A small “town”, including an airstrip and harbor, is located on the western part of the island. The rest of the island has been kept free from commercial development offering the visitor unspoiled natural beauty both on and off-shore.

The Green Island Climate

The climate is tropical and the best time to visit is spring and fall( April to September is hot and also the Taiwanese peak season).December and January are the cooler months (20-30 Deg C), but also offer great visibility if you like diving and the warm Japanese current ensures comfortable water temperatures.

Things to See and Do on Green Island

Activities here include diving, snorkeling, hiking, salt water hot springs and fishing. There is not a lot of nightlife here, except for the nightly parties down at the hot springs (one of only three seawater hot springs in the world!).The hot springs are open all-year around. There are a number of other interesting places to visit and things to see on Green Island. Learn more about these on our Local Attractions page.

More info:

Green Island is a tropical island located in the north-flowing channel of the Japan Current, and so is extraordinarily rich in both species and absolute quantities of marine organisms. Fish, shellfish, and coral give the most striking indication of this abundance, and sea snakes, sea turtles, and other vertebrates are also seen there in large numbers.

Surveys show that the island is home to more than 300 species of fish, with reef fish being the most abundant. Most of these fish are brightly colored in complicated patterns; and the sight of these beautiful fish flitting among the coral, which itself vies for attention with a multitude of shapes and shades, forms a wildly colorful undersea tableau.

Warm, clear, shallow seas provide an ideal environment for the growth of coral. Green Island is surrounded by this kind of excellent ocean environment, and thus has produced a beautiful world of coral. There are a large number of coral species here, and their ratio of cover is high; everywhere, you can see cityscapes of coral flourishing under the waves. There are also a large number of shellfish and crustacean species, and the huge quantities of miniature shellfish along the shoreline is one of the unique features of the island. More than four species of sea snakes thrive in the waters off the western side of the island; they have a gentle nature but are also equipped with strong poison, so wise skin-divers maintain a safe distance from them.

If you want to observe the fascinating underwater world of Green Island, you have a variety of choices. You don't even have to get wet; you can take a glass-bottom boat, a semi-submersible, or a fully submersible tourist submarine. If you have been properly trained, you can don scuba tanks and become a part of the underwater world yourself.

Prison History:

Click here for an overview of the prison history.

If you have any questions or need to know more information about our scuba diving vacations, Green Island, accomodation, or anything else you need to plan your trip, don't hesitate to contact us.




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Green Island Diving offers diving packages to make your visit to Taiwan's beautiful Green Island a memorable one not only for the exciting diving opportunities but also the wonderful island life.


Come visit Green Island, Taiwan - a little known Asia scuba diving vacation
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