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Quality Scuba Diving Equipment at a Discount

Get Your Scuba Diving Gear at Extremely Competitive Prices

The world of diving equipment is extremely competitive which is fantastic news if you are the 'end buyer'. The quality of today's products is very high and so of course the big brand names of the industry can charge a little more. Now, at Green Island Diving, we are able to bring you equipment from a lesser-known manufacturer. This enables us to sell to you high quality discounted scuba diving gear at a much lower cost then the well-known brands. You get top notch stuff at a fantastic price!! Ask for discounts!We are able to sell to you at such low wholesale prices because we have an exclusive partnership with the manufacturer.

We are a wholesale distributor of all the scuba equipment you see here so if you want to buy in bulk for your business, visit our site: wholesale scuba diving suppliers.

Our Range of Scuba Equipment and Gear

We have a brand new range of scuba diving equipment, gear and products for people of all ages, shapes and sizes including masks, snorkels, goggles, fins (flippers), wetsuits and so on. See some of our best selling products below:

Masks & SnorkelsDiscount scuba masks & snorkels

Browse our collection of scuba diving masks, snorkels, mask and snorkel sets, and goggles. Whether you are a diver or a snorkeler, our equipment will meet all your needs.
» Our scuba masks & snorkels


Discount diving fins

We offer a number of different styles of diving fins that will fit most people. We sell our fins in small, medium and large sizes so you are sure to find something that will suit your needs.
» Our scuba diving fins

Wetsuits - Men & WomenDiscount scuba wetsuits

We now have a larger range of adult wetsuits that are available in 3 sizes; medium (M), large (L) and extra-large (XL). Take a look at our men's and women's wetsuits now!
» Our scuba diving wetsuits


Boots & Socks Discount scuba boots

We supply a range of different scuba diving boots (and socks) to match our wetsuits. Our diving boots are available in sizes from 4 to 13.
» Our scuba diving boots

Want to Buy Wholesale Scuba Diving Equipment?

If you are interested in buying our scuba gear in bulk, then we can supply to you at very competitive wholesale prices. We will distribute to diving stores and businesses that can make large orders of our products. We do have a minimum order policy. If you want to know more about how we can sell you wholesale scuba goods, please contact us with your company information.

Contact Us About Our Diving Products

If you have any questions about our discount scuba diving equipment products and services, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can with any help you need. We look forward to serving you sometime soon.



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Green Island Diving offers diving packages to make your vacations on Taiwan's beautiful Green Island in East Asia a memorable one not only for the exciting diving opportunities but also the wonderful island life.


Come visit Green Island, Taiwan - a little known Asia scuba diving vacation
gem and enjoy our diving packages

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