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News about Green Island


Oldest, Giant Coral found on Green Island

Several years ago, Professor Soong Ke-yi of Chungshan University brought to light the discovery of a 16m-high and 31m-wide coral reef -- the largest ever seen. The giant bell-shaped coral was discovered by divers in Green Island's Nan-liao Bay .Since then, the abundance of Taiwan's marine resources have drawn the attention of the international academic community, divers and ocean lovers from every corner of the planet.Perhaps the oldest species found below 20m, the coral at Nanliao, Green Island is estimated to be around 1,200 years old


This spiral-shaped colony of Cirripathes species acts like a spring which allows it to withstand surges in the current. .

A very large poritid colony at Green Island, Taiwan

A very large colony of Porites lobata occurs at Green Island (22°39'N, 121°27'E), 30 km east of Taiwan. The colony, the top of which is about 8 m from the water surface, has a circumference of 31 m at a depth of 12 m, and sits on a sandy bottom at about 20 m in depth. Based on the extension rate of poritids, 12 meters of vertical growth might have taken well over 1000 years to develop. There is no official record of the largest or the oldest coral in the world. Nevertheless, the nickname "Big mushroom" poritid at Green Island is certainly a living monument of all corals and reefs that they are well worthy of concern, care and protection.
Coral Reefs (1999) Vol. 18 No.1 Page 42

New discoveries!


Taipei, May 26 (CNA) Four new fish species were discovered in deep-sea waters near scenic Green Island off Taiwan's southeastern coast, senior researcher with Academia Sinica, Taiwan's foremost
academic body, said Thursday. Shao Kuang-chao, acting director of Academia Sinica's Biological
Diversity Study Center, said three American deep-divers from Hawaii dived to a depth of 80 meters to 90 meters off Green Island May 23-24 to survey fishery resources in the region. It marked the first time Taiwan and the United States have cooperated in exploring fishery resources in coral reefs in the area,
Shao said, adding that Academia Sinica helped finance the project.

"According to our initial judgment, the U.S. divers have collected amples of four new fish species in coral reefs off Green Island, " Shao said, adding that the team has also recorded seven or eight fish species that had previously never been collated. The new species include chromis delta and plectranthias winniensis.

Shao said the deep-diving team, headed by Dr. Richard Pyle, an associate researcher at Bishop Museum in Hawaii, had spotted more than 200 fish species during the dives and had collected samples of
30-plus genuses in more than 10 families for further study. "We'll cooperate with the American team in completing an academic paper based on the samples," Shao said.

According to Pyle, Green Island boasts a world-class deep-sea environment and is rich in marine resources. However, he said, the currents are very strong in the region, making it difficult to collect fish samples. "We spotted many new fish species but we had a hard time catching any of them," Pyle said.

Rock climbing on Green Island

Minimal climbing on tilted basalt columns by the ocean. Toproping and bouldering. Even though some of the rock is solid, there are some very unstable sections. Particularly be careful if you see a lot of vegetation and dirt. That's probably all that's holding some of the rocks up!

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