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Green Island Adventures - Kinmen

Travel Taiwan! True to it's Portuguese name - "Il ha de Formosa", which translates into "beautiful island", Taiwan offers tourists not only affordable travel with great weather all year round, but also cross cultural experiences and excellent Asian cuisine.
Traveling in Taiwan soon leaves the visitor astounded with the amount of cultural -and natural diversity packed into such a limited geographical space. Driving from North to South (Keeling to Henchman Peninsula), its northern and southernmost tip, is possible within a day. You'd drive past emerald-peaked mountains, long stretches of coast, slumbering hamlets, bustling 24 hour cities, rice fields and harbors, but this would not do justice to what Taiwan offers. Rather pre-select certain destinations and we will try and tailor-fit a package that is suitable to your expectations and budget.


Kinmen Island– A Blast from the Past!


For those who always wanted to time-travel, Kinmen is the answer.
This small island on Mainland China’s Fujian coast (Yes you can actually see China’s Xiamen coastline from Kinmen!) has occupied a special position through Sung, Ming and Ching Dynasties and it is easy to see why once you start exploring the island.

Traditional Chinese architecture abounds on this clean, pristine island. Once a very strategic military outpost and the scene of a war with China, it’s major attractions now are more friendly and fascinating in nature. White sandy beaches greet you everywhere and horseback riding on the beach is a favorite pastime for visitors. Bird lovers are in for a special treat as well, the rich sea-life attracts a multitude of bird species, Great Cormorants and other species flourish in this “Park in the Ocean” as Kinmen is also known.

Kaoliang liquor is a big business here ( sorghum and wheat farms are organically tilled ) and with the local ceramic works ( special ceramic vessels for Kaoliang liquor are sold in quaint little traditional shops in beautiful restored little streets) offers visitors a rare opportunity to purchase souvenirs not easily found elsewhere.

Being located in a rich fishing area , visitors are never disappointed with both variety and styles of seafood. Cuisine is heavily influenced by Fujianese cooking and don’t forget the string noodles still made in the old way.

"Fun" On Kinmen- Package

  • Round trip air ticketsfrom Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Airports
  • Pick-up and drop- off at airport on KInmen
  • Scooter × 1 ( for every 2 persons sharing)-please click here to fill out indemnity form or bicycles
  • Hotel Room ( a/c, TV , Private bathroom)
  • Breakfast

(per person)

Currency: NT

Weekday (Mon-Thursday nights)

Holiday (Friday-, Saturday- & Sunday nights)

2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3nights

2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights








Children aged 2 and under will be charged a flat rate of NT$2500. Children above 2 years old will be charged adult fare.
You are welcome to arrive as early as you wish, but we cannot promise that your accommodations will be ready before 12:30 p.m. Check out time is 10:00 AM. Reservations mus t be guaranteed by advance deposit of 100% price of the packages . The following information is required in order to reserve air ickets :(guest name, passport number, date of birth) . We will appreciate it very much if you would notify us of your cancellation, so that other passengers on the waiting list can be accommodated. About Cancellations: In case of natural disaster ( i.e. typhhoon) and flights are cancelled, cancellations will be accepted without charge and a full refund will be made.

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Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 outside Taiwan)
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Green Island Adventures will help you organize the perfect vacation on Taiwan's exquisite and untouched tropical Green Island. Although it is small, Green Island offers so much including beautiful beaches, snorkeling and some great scuba diving. Let us introduce you to this little-known paradise off the south east coast of Taiwan.