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Welcome to Scubaboyz

Over the last couple of years the scuba industry has expanded rapidly in terms of not only sales and customers/divers but also brands and models of equipment options. Dive operators and locations have proliferated around the globe too. It became evident that new divers have a challenging task to filter through all the information out there and more often than not they tend to spend way too much money on gear that they use maybe only a couple of times a year. Most scuba training facilities sell gear and the instructors and other sales persons often overestimate the diving that will be done. Consider this website a plain and simple way to get good, quality scuba gear at fair prices and feel free to ask for advice, the owner (Eddie) has been diving for 23 years and is a SSI Instructor that owns his own dive center and knows which products are durable and good, would last years with proper care; and won't hurt your wallet too much . Some products in the catalog might not be suited to you, so we might refer you to a better and sometimes cheaper product of a competitor; we want you to feel comfortable with the price as much as the gear.If we do our job right and do our best to understand your scuba equipment requirements, you should feel as comfortable as a fish in water.

Our suppliers are mostly situated in Taiwan ( known for its quality manufacturing in this industry), where we are based too.We have tried and tested almost all of the products as rental and personal/instructor scuba gear on Green Island where our dive center is situated off the East coast of Taiwan. It is a very sunny, hot, humid- and corrosive environment and we can happily report that IST gear has stood the test of time and although being punished as rental gear daily, some of our sets are still going strong after use of 4 years now! When buying scuba gear remember "old" does not always mean "worn"; some "old" gear might have only been used a couple of times and are still in perfect condition, so where possible we might even recommend trying to get hold of 2nd hand gear on places like EBay for instance, should you ask about that. We try to always "RRR" - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

So instead of spending a lot of time and money on a fancy website we have made it very easy for you to look at the whole range of products we offer in your own time. You can download the catalogs below and then e mail us with your quote/order request . To order: - We would prefer if you use the excell spreadsheet format we provide in the link below , but if you just want to type your order into a normal e mail it is fine by us . Let us help you choose the right scuba equipment/gear suited to your needs. Persons with special requirements (eg.disabilities, very large feet etc) ; feel free to e mail us.We believe almost everyone even with disabilities can scuba and we will always try to help you choose the right scuba equipment for your needs. Disabilities that might limit movement on land are often not that severe in a weightless environment like scuba diving.Need diving/scuba/snorkeling masks with optical lenses?No prob; and they do not have to be expensive either, we sell those under US$50-00 a mask with optical lenses!For those that suffer from Swimmer's Ear infections and have other problems , check out our Pro-Ear Masks.

Please be patient when downloading the Catalogs below in PDF format. They are quite big files and we suggest you save them first and then view at leisure

Click here for SCUBA EQUIPMENT Catalog ( Scuba gear & more)
(This is the main catalog and also a big file so it takes a bit of time to download)

Click here for TECH DIVING Catalog ( TECH Scuba gear)

Click here for 1212 New Products Catalog ( Scuba gear regs & Tech diving )

Click here for 2012 WATER Sports Catalog New Products(masks, snorkels, fins, goggles, caps, spearfishing etc.)

Click here to download the Order Sheet & Prices

(Open the file then save with your own name and date and e mail to us as an attachement)
To help us better help you it is handy to have a picture of the customer relative to an object we all know like a normal door frame; if you can include height and weight it will help even more on how to choose the right scuba gear.

Please fill in this form too if you have time - and attach to your e mail to us.
(It will help us get a better idea of your sizes and requirements)


Below we have a basic scuba equipment checklist in pictures to help assist in gear selection:


We do wholesale to shops and other retailers too so if you need to have personalised gear made just let us know . We alkso have bulk prices for large buyers.



Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 outside Taiwan)


Scubaboyz will help you find the right scuba gear/equipment at the right price and will always try to be honest and frank with you the customer.Disabled divers and non-divers welcome.